1941. Governor portrait series (II.) complete series **

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A series of stamps consisting of 3 denominations with a new design, general circulation pengós value marking, was issued.

The stamp was designed by Sándor Légrády and Ferenc Márton based on the bust created by Dezső Erdey.

It was put into circulation on June 18, 1941 under the number 230.458/3. s. by decree (P.R.T. No. 1941/28), its sale is regulated by No. 241.833/3 of October 19, 1944. s. was terminated with immediate effect by decree (P.R.T. 1944/46), then in December 1944. 247.293/3 dated 4 s. by decree (P.R.T. No. 1944/53) the stocks were ordered to be delivered to the valuables warehouse, with the validity period set at December 31, 1947. I. ad 113.566/A was taken out of circulation on August 15, 1945. No. 4 by decree (P.R.T. No. 1945/14).


The values of the series and their number of copies are 2 pengő brown/yellow 836,800

1 pengő green/yellow 1 367 800 5 pengő violet/yellow 195 600


The thumbnail. All denominations have no white frame, in the center of the stamp image is the portrait of Governor Miklós Horthy looking to the left, decorated with a laurel wreath on the left and an oak wreath on the right. The value marking is on the upper part of both decorations, "HUNGARY KIR. POSTA" inscription in the lower part of the stamp image, below which the names of the designers "SÁNDOR LÉGRÁDY" and "FERENC MÁRTON" are placed. The portrait is with a pale yellow base print (Fig. 504).

All denominations have a horizontal rectangular stamp, the size of which is 37x26 mm.

It was printed at the State Printing Office with halftone intaglio printing in two continuous colors. The printing sheets contain 100 thumbnails.

They were sold in rolls of 100. .



The monthly sunrises are as follows:

1 blade 2 blade 5 blade

41. V. * 41. V. XI. 41. V. * 41. V. VII. 41. Sun.

                                                             41. V. VII. XI.

The east signs are located on the left or right edge of the arch between the 5th and 6th rows.

Prepared III. s. IX. on watermarked paper. Water mark IX/A. 1 and 2.

Teeth 12½:12 combed. -

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