1941. Dél visszatér sor **

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The post office issued a pair of stamps on the occasion of the annexation of the Yugoslav territory to Hungary.

The pair of stamps was produced by overprinting the 10 and 20-filer denominations of the I. Temple series of 1939.

The thumbnail was designed by Sándor Légrády.

It was put into circulation on April 21, 1941 with a validity until June 30, 1942 under the number 221.536/3. s. by decree (P.R.T. No. 1941/18), its unlimited sale was terminated on December 31, 1941, 270.643/3. s. by decree (P.R.T. no. 141/59).

Values of the series Made Destroyed Circulated

10 pennies brown/red 3,040,000 17,327 3,022,673

20 pennies red/dark green 3,086,400 6,607 3,022,792

The stamp image is identical to the design of the 10 and 20-filer denominations of the I. Temple series issued in 1939, with a wavy overprint "DÉL-VISSZATÉR" in the center of the denominations' stamp image (Figures 502 and 503).

It was printed in the State Printing Office with raster intaglio printing,

the red overprint of the 10-filer note and the dark green of the 20-filer note were produced by letterpress printing.

A pair of 10-filer stamps is known, on one of which the overprint is missing, presumably due to arch bending.

It was sold in rolls of 100.

On both denominations, the monthly east marking is placed between the 5th and 6th lines on the left or right edge of the arch and is as follows: 10 filér 41. II. * 41. IV.*41. IX.; 20 pennies 41. III. * 41. VIII.

Urinary status. The 10-filer denomination is IX/A. 1 and 2, 20-filer denomination IX/A. 2.

Casual stamp.

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