1943. Repülő alap V. **

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The post office issued a 1-denomination stamp with a surcharge of 20 fils to support the "National Aviation Fund".

The thumbnail was designed by Tibor Gönczi Gebhardt.

It was put into circulation on August 16, 1943 under the number 231.817/3. s. by decree (P.R.T. No. 1943/40), withdrawn from circulation on December 31, 1943, 253.262/3. s. by decree (P.R.T. No. 1943/60).

Sold by all post offices until September 30, 1943.

Number of copies 1,847,000.

30+20 fils dark violet

The image of the stamp is similar to the design of the Horthy mourning stamp with the following differences: instead of a mourning frame, a dark violet frame matching the color of the stamp, a larger bust, three horsemen after Prince Csaba, 10 stars above and between them, and 7 airplanes below them (fig. 564). The stamp has a horizontal rectangular shape, image size 34x23 mm.

It was printed at the State Printing Office with halftone intaglio printing. The printing sheets contain 2x100 stamp images. It was sold in rolls of 100.


The countless pressure abnormalities - which the Debrecen Stamp Collectors' Association "The Stamp Collector" 1943/10. mentioned in No. 11, the vertical line running downwards from the end of the first plane of the 11th stamp of the arch is worth mentioning.

The monthly east mark was placed on the left edge of the arch next to stamp 41 or 51: 43. VII. (2). Water mark X/A. 2.

Serrations 12:12½ combed, the size of the stamp extending to the serrations is 37x26 mm.

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