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The post office issued a stamp series of 4 denominations with a 100% premium to support the "National Aviation Fund".

The postcard was designed by Erzsébet Z. Szűcs.

223.400/3. s. decree (P.R.T. 1943/29 no.) takes action with the original date of publication of July 1, 1943, which was amended by 227.800/3. by decree no. (P.R.T. 1943/33) was postponed until a later date. The stamps, which were finally issued on July 16, 1943, were issued on December 31, 1943 under 253.262/3. s. withdrawn from circulation by decree (P.R.T. 1943/60).

It was sold by all Treasury Post Offices in series, supplying a maximum of 5 series to each customer.

Copy number. The issuing decree defined the number of copies in 400,000 serrated series.


                                                    The values of the series

8+8 pennies green 20+20 pennies brown

12+12 pennies blue 30+30 pennies red


In the lower left part of the stamp image of all denominations, there is the value indication, next to it the two-line inscription "HORTHY MIKLÓS NEMZETI REPÜLő ALP", below them "HUNGARY KIR. POSTA" text, under the stamp image the designer: "Z. "ERZSÉBET SŚCS".

On the 8+8-filer note, a glider model is shown in the right hand (Fig. 560),

on the 12+12-filer denomination, four gliders under a cloudy sky (fig. 561),

on the 20+20-filer denomination, four airplanes under the eagle with extended wings (fig. 562),

on the 30+30-filer denomination, three gliders above the descending airplane in the foreground (Fig. 563).

They are upright rectangles, thumbnail size 22x33 mm.

It was printed at the State Printing Office with halftone intaglio printing. The printing sheets contain 2x100 stamp images. They were sold in rolls of 100.

The monthly east sign is on the lower edge of the arc. it is placed under the 95th stamp and for all denominations 43. VI. Water mark position X/B 2.

The teeth are combed 12½:12, the size of the stamps up to the teeth is 26x37 mm.

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