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The post office issued a commemorative stamp series of 6 denominations with a 100% surcharge for cultural purposes.

The stamps were designed by György Konecsni on the basis of an order won through a tender. s. by decree (P.R.T. No. 1942/56)

It was sold by all post offices until March 31, 1943, supplying a maximum of 5-5 series to each customer. Number of copies 250,000 series.


The values of the series

6+6 pennies grey-brown 20+20 pennies teal

8+8 pennies green 24+24 pennies yellowish brown

12+12 pennies dark violet 30+30 pennies red


The thumbnail. On all denominations, the denomination is located in the lower right part of the stamp image, below it is the inscription "MAGYAR+KIR+POSTA" in the width of the stamp image, and the name of the designer: "GYÖRCZNI KONECSNI" on the right side of the stamp image.

The 6+6-filer denomination shows the crowned head of King Szent László, the inscription "SZENT+LÁSZLÓ 1042•1942" from the bottom, up and right of the corner on the left side of the stamp (Fig. 531).

The 8+8. on the penny denomination, an equestrian statue of St. László, a double cross on a coat of arms below, the inscription "THE KNIGHT KING" on a ribbon above. On the left side of the stamp image is the same inscription as the previous denomination (Fig. 533).

On the 12+12-filer denomination, IV. Crowned head of King Béla (1206-1270), inscription beginning on the left side "IV•Béla•1242•1942" (Fig. 534);

On the 20+20-filer denomination, IV. King Béla holding a blueprint, next to him a builder with a trowel, a church under construction in the background. Coat of arms shield with 8 bands below,

the inscription "AZ ÚJJÉPÍTő" on the upper ribbon. The inscription starting on the left side is the same as the previous denomination (Fig. 535).

The 24+24-filer denomination features the crowned head of King Lajos the Great (1326-1382), the inscription beginning on the left reads "LAJOS THE GREAT 1342-1942" (Fig. 536).

The 30+30-filer denomination shows Louis the Great sitting on his throne, next to and below him are 3 shields of arms, the inscription "THE GREAT RULER" on the ribbon below. The inscription beginning on the left side is the same as the previous denomination (Fig. 537).

The stamps depicting Saint László for the 900th anniversary of his birth, IV. Stamps depicting Béla were issued for the 700th anniversary of the reconstruction that began in 1242 after the Tatar invasion, and stamps depicting Louis the Great for the 600th anniversary of his so-called accession to the throne.

All denominations are rectangular in shape, their stamp image size is 22x33 mm

It was printed at the State Printing Office with halftone intaglio printing. The printing sheets contain 2x100 stamp images.

The monthly east markings are placed on the lower edge of the arch under the 95th stamp, or between the 95th and 96th stamps, and for all denominations, 42. XII. .

All denominations of watermarks are X/B. 2. and also for the 12+12, 20+20 and 30+30 filar denominations X/B. 1.

Teeth 12½:12 combed. The size of the stamps up to the teeth is 26x37


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