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The post office issued a series of stamps with 4 denominations at a 100% premium in support of the "Hungarian Red Cross".

The stamps were designed by Tibor Gönczi Gebhardt on the basis of an order won in a competition

It was put into circulation on March 1, 1944, originally with a validity period until December 31, 1944 under the 203.100/3. s. by decree (P.R.T. No. 1944/6). 233.040/3. s. by decree (P.R.T. 1944/37 no.) it was extended until December 31, 1947, from circulation, however, on August 15, 1945, 113.566/A. No. 4 was withdrawn by decree (P.R.T. No. 1945/11).

It was sold by all post offices and private valuers without limit, even by denomination. According to the issuing decree, the sale was planned until May 31, 1944, which was stipulated in the 222.534/3. s. by decree (P.R.T. No. 1944/24) until further notice, then 241.264/3. s. by decree, it was extended until October 31, 1944.

Values of the series and their number of copies

20+20 pennies brown/red 1,990,000 50+50 pennies violet/red 1,473,000

30+30 pennies brownish red/red 1,927,200 70+70 pennies blue/red 1,456,000


The thumbnail. The 20+20-filer denomination shows the bust of a nurse with a red cross and behind her a soldier in an assault helmet, on the left side in an oval white field the red red cross and above it the royal crown, next to it "HUNGARY KIR. POSTA" inscription, the value indication in the upper right part of the stamp image. The name of the designer "GÖNCZI GEBHARDT" on the right below the thumbnail (fig. 569). .



In the foreground of the 30+30-filer denomination, a soldier with a bayonet stands guard, to the left of him in the background a sitting mother holding her child in her arms, who is protected by a standing nurse with a red cross, the red cross and crown, inscriptions and denomination are the same as on the previous denomination (Fig. 571).

The 50+50-filer denomination shows a kneeling Red Cross nurse protecting the flame of the candle of life held in her right hand with her left hand, and a double cross standing out from a stack of three in the background to her left. The red cross and crown are in the lower right part of the stamp image, to the left of it is the "MAGYAR KIR. POST" inscription. Value indication and designer's name in the same way as the previous denominations (fig. 572). The 70+70-filer denomination shows a soldier with a mutilated left leg sitting on a rock, holding a crutch with his right hand, leaning on his knee with his left hand, and a fresh shoot sprouting from the truncated branch of the tree standing in front of him to the right. he looks at, which is pointed out by the red cross nurse leaning forward behind him. Red cross, crown, inscriptions and denomination in the same way as the previous denomination (Fig. 573).

All denominations have a horizontal rectangular shape, their stamp size is 33X22 mm.

They were printed at the State Printing Office with raster intaglio printing in two passes and in color. The printing sheets contain 100 thumbnails.

A red cross and crown shifted to the right occurs on the 20+20-filer denomination (phase shift).

They were sold in rolls of 100.

The monthly orientation marks can be found next to the 41st stamp of the left-hand edge of the 20+20-filer denomination, and the 51st stamp of the left-hand edge of the other denominations.


20+20 pennies 44.1. 30+30 pennies 44.11.(2) 50+50 pennies 44.1. 70+70 pennies 44.1.


Water mark X/A. 1 and 2.

Teeth 12:12½ combed, the size of the stamps up to the teeth is 37x26 mm.

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