1942. Vöröskereszt sor I. **

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A series of 4 denominations issued for the benefit of the "Hungarian Red Cross" and "Országos Hadirokkangondozozó Szövetség" with a surcharge of 2 pence.

The postcards were designed by István Kákonyi.

249.183/3 was put into circulation on September 1, 1942 and valid until June 30, 1943. s. by decree (P.R.T. No. 142/38).

Sold serially by all Treasury Post Offices until October 31, 1942| then 261.250/3. s. by decree, the sale was extended and it was also possible to issue it by denomination (P.R.T. No. 1942/52), the sale was finally regulated by the 268.620/3. s. by decree (P.R.T. No. 1942/58) it was abolished on December 31, 1942. Number of copies 300,000 series.


The values of the series

3 pennies+18 pennies oil green/red 12 pennies+50 pennies wine red/red

8 pennies + 32 pennies dark brown/red 20 pennies + 1 penny slate blue/red


The thumbnail. On the bottom left of the tooth-length thumbnail

"HUNGARY KIR•POSTA" two-line inscription, next to it in a white circle the red cross and above it the royal crown in red, below the image field in the middle the designer "KÁKONYI I." name.

The 3+18-filer denomination shows a doctor with two nurses taking blood from the left arm of a seated person, the male figure standing in the background. In the upper right corner of the stamp image, the inscription "BLOOD DONATION", in the lower left corner with partly white and partly colored numbers, the value indication (Fig. 524).

On the 8+32-filer denomination, two Red Cross nurses bind up a wounded veteran. In the upper right corner of the picture, the inscription "NURSE" is written, in the lower left the value indication (Fig. 525).

On the 12+50-filer denomination, on the left side of the stamp image, two veterans listening to the radio, on the right, the veteran sitting in the foreground, sending a letter with two carrier pigeons. The inscription "GONDOZÁZ" in the upper left corner of the stamp image, the value indication on the left side (fig. 526).

The 20-filer + 1 peng denomination shows two nurses caring for two women and three children. In the upper right part of the stamp image, the inscription "GUARDIANITY", the value indication, where "+1P" is placed above "20f", in the left part of the stamp image (Fig. 527).

All denominations have a standing rectangular stamp, the size of which is 26x37 mm.

It was printed in the State Printing Office with raster intaglio printing in three passes and in color. The edge of the bows is light brown. The printing sheets contain nine small sheets, three under each other in three rows.

It was sold in small sheets of 10 stamps, with 5-5 stamps arranged in two rows. The small bows have a horizontal rectangular shape, their size including the 13 mm light brown bow edge is 155x100 mm. Water mark X/B. 1 and 2. Gear 12½:12 frame.

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