1943/44 Hadvezérek sor **

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A series of 18 general circulation stamps with a new design.

The stamps were designed by Béla Kontuly on the basis of an order won in a competition.

The 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 and 24 filar coins were put into circulation on January 1, 1943, 267.810/3. s. by decree (P.R.T. No. 1942/57), the 18, 30, 50, 80 filers and the 1 pengős were introduced on November 22, 1943 in the 245.371/3. s. by decree. (P.R.T. 1943/54. no.), the 2 and 5 pengős were transferred to 247.696/3 on December 15, 1944. s. by decree (P.R.T. No. 1944/53). The 18- and 24-filer coins were taken out of circulation on August 15, 1945, 113.566/A. No. 4 by decree (P.R.T. 1945/II. no.), the rest by June 30, 1946, 233.703/4. s. by decree (P.R.T. No. 1946/38).

The values of the series

1 penny black and green

2 pennies are orange-red

3 pennies blue

4 pennies brown

5 pennies brick red

6 penny bluish gray

  8 pennies olive green

10 pennies brown

12 pennies teal

18 pennies grayish black

20 pennies reddish brown

24 pennies violet

30 pennies red

50 pennies blue

80 fils brown

  1 blade of green

  2 blades brown

  5 lanceolate violets

The thumbnail. On the lower edge of the stamp image of all denominations, "HUNGARY KIR. POSTA" inscription in a light plane in dark letters, in the vertical rectangular plane extending into the stamp image in the middle is the value indication, on the right side below the stamp image is the name of the designer: "KONTULY".

The 1-filer denomination shows the face of Árpád in a helmet decorated with feathers, the turulbird with extended wings in the left corner, the coat of arms of Árpádáz in the right corner, and the inscription "ÁRPÁD VEZÉR" in a semicircle from the bottom to the left of the face (Fig. 538).

The 2-filer denomination shows the crowned portrait of King Saint László, with a hatchet below, and in the lower left corner a portrait of Saint László on horseback; on the left side of the picture, from bottom to top, the vertical inscription "KING SAINT LÁSZLÓ" (fig. 539).

The 3-filer denomination shows the portrait of Miklós Toldi, an armored knight on horseback holding a spear to the left, a crane in the background. Inscription "MIKLÓS TOLDI" from top to bottom to the right of the face

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