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In support of the National Aviation Fund, the post office issued a series of stamps with 4 titles at a 100% premium.

The stamps were designed by Sándor Légrády on the basis of an order won in a competition.

It was put into circulation on March 24, 1941, valid until June 30, 1941 under the number 213.858/3. s. by decree (P.R.T. No. 1941/12).

It was sold by all treasury post offices only in series, providing a maximum of 5 series to each customer. M.

Number of copies 200,000 toothed series.


The values of the series


  6+6 pennies olive green 20+20 pennies red

10+10 pennies violet red 32+ 32 pennies greenish blue


The thumbnail. The inscription "HORTHY MIKLÓS NEMZETI REPÜLő ALP" is written on the upper part of the stamp image, which extends to the teeth, the value indication is below the stamp image on the left

side, on the right side the insignia of the flight fund, on the lower edge of the stamp image "HUNGARY KIR. POSTA" inscription, below it on the right side the name of the designer: "SÁNDOR LÉGRÁDY".

The 6+6 coins show a winged pilot's head facing right (fig. 497),

on the 10+10 penny, the boy scout holds a model airplane in his right hand

the 20+ 20 penny plane sailing with a cloudy background (Fig. 499),

on the 32+32 pilfers, Mary's head surrounded by the inscriptions "+VIRGIN MÁRIA+" on both sides in a semicircular arc, with three airplanes to the left (Fig. 500)

All denominations have a horizontal rectangular stamp, the size of which is 37x26 mm.

It was printed at the State Printing Office with halftone intaglio printing. The printing sheets contain 2x100 stamp images. They were sold in rolls of 100.

The monthly east markings are on the 6+6-filer denomination on the left-hand edge of the arch between the 5th and 6th lines, on the 10+10, 20+20 and 32+32-filer denominations on the left-hand arch edge next to stamp 41, on the 32+32-filer denomination on this outside, it is placed next to stamp 60 on the right-hand edge of the arch.

The marking of the 6+6, 20+20 and 32+32 filar denominations is 41. LTI., the marking of the 10+10 filar denomination is 41. II.

Prepared III. s. IX. on watermarked paper.

Water mark for 6+6, 20+20 and 32+32 filar denominations IX/A. 1 and 2, the denomination of 10+10 filars is IX/A. 2.

Teeth 12:12½ combed.

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