1944. Kossuth Lajos sor **

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        For the 50th anniversary of the death of Lajos Kossuth, the post office issued a series of general circulation stamps consisting of 4 denominations.

The stamps were designed by: Tibor Gönczi Gebhardt for the 4-filer denomination, Sándor Légrády for the 20- and 30-filer denominations, and Gyula Tóth for the 50-filer denomination.

It was put into circulation on March 20, 1944, originally valid until December 31, 1944 under the number 209.952/3. s. by decree (P.R.T. 1944/11.

s.). 233.040/3. s. by decree, it was extended until December 31, 1947 (P.R.T. No. 1944/37), however, as of June 30, 1946, No. 233,703/4 was withdrawn from circulation. s. withdrawn by decree (P.R.T. No. 1946/38).

It was sold unlimitedly, by denomination, by all post offices and private value dealers until "further action" according to the issuing decree, which was no longer issued.

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